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What is best for me?

Because Car Logic Bulgaria are not aligned to a single manufacturer we can offer unbiased advice on all the products we offer. To find out what tool suits your needs, read the information below or contact our team.


The Codereader / Scantool product group is the fastest growing area in Vehicle Diagnostics, with large numbers of competing machines on offer. We have selected 4 devices which we believe represent quality and value, combined with excellent coverage, proper update ability and long life expectancy. The selection has been arrived at in order to provide a proper range of coverage and of price and stretches from a simple OBD tool to full dealer-level systems.


Launch X-431

Many customers buy the X-431 just for its great coverage on Asian vehicles but really, the X-431 is so much more. For example, its BMW and Mercedes applications are amazingly comprehensive and most other European makes have good coverage too, with the applications improving all the time. The really impressive thing about the X-431, however, is the number and depth of its updates, with no less than 21 separate downloads offered free to existing users.


Launch X-431 TOP

Apart from including all the automotive diagnosis capacities in X-431, the new release integrates more functions like engine analysis, oscilloscope, sensor signal simulation, battery test, automotive multimeter and automotive  database into one unit.

Much lower in price than a group of single-function tools put together, it is the most affordable multifunctional automotive performance tester.


Launch X-431 TOOL

X431 TOOL is a vehicle diagnostic device with color screen display and Bluetooth technology for garages especially designed by Launch.  It features in anti-oil stain, anti-dust and it's shockproof.

Cabinet type with delimitation design and unattached box can enhance usage efficiency greatly. It can directly be charged through the bottom interface of tool cabinet This device materializes humanization and it will be a good assistant for garages.

  Carsoft MB & BMW

Dealer level software for BMW and MB

Carsoft is permanently developing new diagnostic features, in order to keep offering the best alternative to workshops who are not able to get or not willing to pay enormously high price for an "official" diagnostic system.

   Carsoft offers:
  Manufacturer-information about the control units, reading out the complete fault storage, concrete repair-information to nearly every stored fault, erasing of the fault storage & reset function, component activation, important adjustments, printing out a diagnostic-report, New Live Data, Synchronization, Service Interval Management, ECU Coding, Key Coding, Adaptation, etc.

Carsoft MB include Carsoft Information system (CIS)

  • Detailed wiring diagrams of control unit like ME,CDI1, CDI2, CDI3, AIRBAG, AC, EGS, ABS, ASR and ESP. Each Wiring Diagrams explained by its own legends and their explanation. 

  • Explanation of error codes recognized by Carsoft diagnostic program and step by step repair assistance in order to fix the problem in the fastest and most professional way.

  • Component pictures and their detailed explanation and Component location with help of assisting pictures.

  • Explanations of terms and signs used in wiring diagram explanation.

  • Zooming In and Out  of wiring diagrams.

  • Printing wiring diagrams etc.


Coverage Carsoft MB 7.6 CIS


Coverage Carsoft BMW 6.5



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