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Оn-board diagnostic

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Sensor Simulator  LAUNCH STS-600

STS-600 Sensor Simulator & Tester

STS600 sensor simulator & tester is a smart testing device with power-on self-test (POST) and range-switching functions.

It is mainly used to conduct voltage test, resistance test and frequency test for sensors, and to simulate the output signal (voltage, frequency and O2 sensor signal). The users can enjoy great convenience provided by its user-friendly interface and fault tolerance design.

STS-600 Brochure
Sensor test: voltage / resistance / frequency test
Sensor simulation: voltage / frequency / O2 sensor signal
3-digit readings and range displayed in large fonts on LCD screen
Anti-dirt film
Automatic range switching between voltage and resistance

Measure precision: 1% FSR
Response time: less than 1 second
Voltage range: 0 ~ 400V (DC)
Resistance range: 0 ~ 4M
Frequency range: 1 ~ 15KHz
Voltage simulation range: 0.01 ~ 12V
Frequency simulation range: 1-15KHz (5V/12V can be selected with keys)
O2 sensor signal: high voltage: 1V; low voltage: 0V
Power: DC12V + / - 20%
Environment humidity: lower than 85%RH
Static current of power supply: lower than70mA

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