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The newest scantool from Launch Corporation. The machine is based on the X431 infinite but they have changed a lot of it to turn it into this practical tool.

The scanning software is the same as found on the highly successful X431 scanner. But they have made the X341 tool a lot more garage
friendly whilst also giving it a more professional look to it.

Like the standard X431 the machine is very compact and fits into its own case.
This time as the machine is Bluetooth you need to charge the scanner, but the clever guys at Launch have built the charging system into
their new innovative color coded case.

X-431 User Manual

X-431 Brochure 1

X-431 Brochure 2

Unbeatable FREE software update period!

All vehicle connectors included!

  • Faster, rapider and easier is the future trend of the automobile diagnostic computer
  • Diagnosis on various electronic control systems
  • Built-in operating system, open diagnostic platform  and PDA functions
  • Supports extra high-speed transfer of data stream
  • Powerful data stream display in waveform format
  • Standard hardware compatible with almost all vehicle sockets
  • DEMO functions provide easily accessible help information
  • Multi-language operating interface
  • Daily update online - more than 400 updates per year
  • 40 vehicle makes
  • Biggest coverage
  • Perfect appearance and large multicolor touch screen
  • Capable of testing vehicles with CAN BUS systems
  • Bluetooth technology
  • With large capacity lithium battery, X-431 TOOL can continuously work at least 10 hours
  • CPU: 32-bit MPU
    CF card: 512MB
    Printer: high-speed thermal miniprinter
    Screen: 240*320 color LCD with touch-screen
    Configuration: Main unit, SMARTBOX and Miniprinter

Dealer performance - Complete independence

Reading And Clearing Of Fault Codes
Live Data
Component Activation
Clear Adaptation
Data Graphing

Available Languages:
English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Electronic systems coverage:
Engine Management

Interior Monitoring   

Language Control    

Automatic Transmission

Module Coding    

Interior Scanning   


Key Programming     

Seat Module      


Airbag Configuration    

Traction Control      


Instrument Cluster        

Mirror Adjustment   

Air Conditioning         

Cruise Control      

Light Module    

Service Reset      

Body Module         

Central Locking      


Parking Aid     

Sound System    

Air Suspension     

Tyre Module      

Rear Spoiler   

Steering Angle Sensor  

Door Module       

Gateway Data Bus    

Parking Brake     

4WD System    

Discharge Lamp
Power Steering Module  



Application list of X-431 TOOL Package
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