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LAUNCH X-431 TOOL Hardware & Software


ONE Year Free Updates !

All vehicle connectors included!

  • The X431 TOOL has the deepest dealer-level capabilities and the widest range of vehicle manufacturer coverage
  • New updates are made easy and simple via the Internet
  • Coverage includes engine, chassis, body and communication networks
  • Reads and clears codes, displays system data, component activation, system adaptation, and modifies module specifics by the use of coding
  • Digital and Analog graphing capabilities
  • Diagnoses over 148 vehicle systems within 40 vehicle manufacturers
  • Multi-language interface supports 18 different language
  • The MAIN UNIT- provides quick and easy navigation through vehicle systems with the EASY TOUCH COLOR DISPLAY SCREEN
  • The SMART BOX- interfaces between the automobile and main unit and reads newly downloaded data from the CF card
  • The MINI-PRINTER- outputs test results in real time
  • ALL VEHICLE CONNECTORS included for every car line covered
  • Comes with CF (compact flash) card to easily download new updates from your personal
    computer via the Internet
  • One year complete Manufacturer Warranty
Download X-431 Standard Configuration Packing List

BMW 20 Pin

Daewoo & GM

Fiat 3 Pin

Ford 6+1

Smart OBD II


Honda 3 Pin

Lexus & Toyota -22

Mitsubishi & Hyundai -12+16


Lexus & Toyota -17

Kia -20

Mazda 17 Pin

Nissan -14+16

BMW 16 Pin


Mercedes Benz 38 Pin

Toyota -16C

Audi / VW 4 Pin

Universal 3 Pin

Lighter Cable

110/12 Volts Adapter

Battery Cable

Roll Paper for Printer

USB Cable

Card Reader

Main Cable

Touch Pen Stylus
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