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n-board diagnostic

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Wireless Wheel Aligner LAUNCH X-531

X-531 Wireless Wheel Aligner
X-531 CCD wheel aligner adopts the charge coupled device (CCD) with high resolution, the clinometer with high precision and the accurate optics imaging system.

X-531 is a device designed to measure the wheel alignment parameters and compare them with the specifications provided by vehicle manufacturer. It also gives instructions to the user for performing corresponding adjustments so as to get the best steering performance and reduce tire wear.
This product features the perfect functions, fluent operations and extractive interfaces. It can provides HELP functions such as auto level-monitoring, kind operating prompts and dynamic vehicle adjustment demonstration, etc.
Equipped with CCD (Charge Coupled Device) and precision optical lens, its precision is up to 0.01 degree
Eight-beam loop measurement, complete items, high precision
Extensive vehicle model information, which can provide the data of more than 20000 types of vehicle model
The commonly-used vehicle models can be set in the database with more than 20000 types of vehicle model
The data of new vehicle models can be added manually by user
Compelete system upgrade function
Particular function of voice prompt
The visualized animation operating demonstration makes user understand easily
The operating system trusteeship makes the system safer
Stable tested data, good repeatability performance
Equipped with the world famous computer system which runs stably and the pictures are displayed in focus
Both demonstration version and normal version is in the same system, which makes the demonstration and operation more convenient and the security more strong
The battery level can be automatically monitored and displayed, and the condition of battery consumption is in control of the operator at any moment. It can be changed quickly, which can ensure the work quality



Item Accuracy Range Total range
Total front toe-in 4.8' (0.08º) 8.0º 20º
Single front toe-in 2.4' (0.04º) 4.0º 10º
Front camber 2.4' (0.04º) 3.5º 20º
Caster 6' (0.1º) 20º 45º
Kingpin Inclination(SAI) 6' (0.1º) 20º 45º
Total rear toe-in 4.8' (0.08º) 8.0º 8.0º
Single rear toe-in 2.4' (0.04º) 4.0º 4.0º
Rear camber 2.4' (0.04º) 3.5º 20º
Max.steering angle 6' (0.1º) 90º 90º
Wheelbase difference 6mm
Tread difference 3mm
Applicable rim size 10~20 inches
Maximal wheelbase 3200mm

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