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n-board diagnostic

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The Most Powerful Automotive Performance Tester

Apart from including all the automotive diagnosis capacities in X431, the new release integrates more functions like engine analysis, oscilloscope, sensor signal simulation, battery test, automotive multimeter and automotive database into one unit.

Large Technical Database for Automotive Service
Innovative Wireless Diagnostic Technology
Much lower in price than a group of single-function tools put together, it is the most affordable multifunctional automotive performance tester.
X-431 TOP Manual
X-431 TOP Brochure 1
X-431 TOP Brochure 2
X431TOP adopts Bluetooth technology for wireless diagnosis, which allows for testing anywhere within 15 meters from the vehicle. When connected with a vehicle diagnostic socket, it can perform tests quickly and easily.

X431TOP provides an abundant technical database for automotive service on various automobiles, including:
A. Tips on DTC-based vehicle service
B. Standard data stream values
C. Component layout
D. Component wiring diagram
E. Standard waveforms for ignition


All vehicle connectors included!

Purchase of X431TOP includes access for an entire 12 months to the full update programme!

Diagnosis: Powerful wireless diagnostic functions of X431TOP are compatible with diagnosis with cable connection. Capacities cover tests on Automotive Engine, Auto Transmission, Airbags, ABS and other systems for European, American and Asian vehicle models. Being the top-grade scan tool for M-Benz and BMW, it covers as many as 148 electronic systems. X431 Top can also save live test data for analysis.
Engine Analyzing: X431 Top incorporates the capacity of displaying primary / secondary ignition wave, characteristic waveform of DIS, starting current, charging voltage and intake manifold vacuum.
Sensor Simulation: X431 Top can be used to simulate DC voltage signal, pulse signal, standard sensor signal and any hand-drawn waveform.
4CH Oscilloscope: With a peak frequency of 20MHZ, the scan tool can be used in the measurement of output waveforms from the sensors for analysis. 50 waveforms can be kept permanently.
Battery Test: X431 Top can monitorthe performance of batteries and provide data for maintenance.
Multimeter Function: X431 Top can be used to measure the output voltage, resistance and frequency of the sensors to ensure the proper performance.
Available Languages:
English, German, Japanese, French, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.
Electronic systems coverage:
Engine Management

Interior Monitoring   

Language Control    

Automatic Transmission

Module Coding    

Interior Scanning   


Key Programming     

Seat Module      


Airbag Configuration    

Traction Control      


Instrument Cluster        

Mirror Adjustment   

Air Conditioning         

Cruise Control      

Light Module    

Service Reset      

Body Module         

Central Locking      


Parking Aid     

Sound System    

Air Suspension     

Tyre Module      

Rear Spoiler   

Steering Angle Sensor  

Door Module       

Gateway Data Bus    

Parking Brake     

4WD System    

Discharge Lamp
Power Steering Module  



Vehicle oscilloscope function:
Channel: 4 CH
Frequency: 20MHz
Measuring voltage: -150 V ~ +150 V

Sensor test module:
Voltage test:
1. Measuring range: DC -400~+400 V
2. Input impedance: 10 MΩ.
3. Check precision: 5 %
Resistance test:
1. Measuring range: 0~1 MΩ
2. Check precision: 5 %
Frequency test:
1. Measuring range: 1~15 kHz
2.. Input impedance: 300 kΩ
3. Input range: 1~12 V
4. Check precision: 1 %
Sensor simulation function:
DC voltage signal:
1.Output range: -12~+12 V
2.The maximal output current: 40 mA
3.Output precision: 5 %
Squarl-wave signal:
1. Impulse frequency: 0.1~15 kHz
2. Range: -12~+12 V
3. Duty ratio: 10~90 %
4. Output precision: 5 %
Sensor standard signal:
1. Frequency range: 0.1~100 Hz
2. Range: -12~+12 V
3. Output precision: 5 %
Hand-draw waveform Signal:

1. Frequency range: 0.1~100Hz
2. Range: -12V~+12V
3. Output precision: 5 %
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